Sunday, July 27, 2014

Polish Soccer Club light 700 flares along the beach (Video)

Watch this beautiful sight, as Polish soccer club Arka Gdynia light over 700 flares along the beach to celebrate their 85th anniversity.  Here are two videos of the celebration, one from back in the distance, and the other is up close on the beach.

Former WWE champ choke holds thief coming from his house (Video)

Check out this video from ABC 15 in Arizona, when two robbers picked the wrong house to burglarize.  The house was owned by WWE Champ Bryan Danielson and his wife Brie Bella.  They noticed the burglars coming out of their house when they were returning home in their vehicle.  

Crazy Kid jumps off 70 foot high building into 5 foot deep pool (Video)

Watch as this crazy kid jumps off a over 70 foot high, 5 story high building into a 5 foot deep pool.  He has to clear a patio with railing and trees.  One wrong calculation would of meant instant death.  

Massive Dust Storm in Arizona looks like scene from "The Mummy" (Video)

A massive dust storm rolled through parts of Arizona on friday looking like a scene from the hit movie "The Mummy" starring Brendan Fraser.  The Spooky storm blanketed  Phoenix on friday evening causing power outages, and forced the International Airport to ground planes.  The second video is a timelapse for your viewing pleasure.

CNN compares new Stock IPO El Pollo Loco with chicken chain from Breaking Bad (Video)

New IPO El Pollo Loco stock ticker 'LOCO' opened on Friday for it's first day of trading at $19 a share.  El Pollo Loco soared by End of Day to over $24 a share gaining over 60% in it's first day of trading.  Watch as CNN discusses the chicken chain in more detail with their CEO Steve Sather.  As soon as I saw the ticker I was thinking Breaking Bad being a fan of the show.  Watch as CNN discusses the chain's simularity to Gustavo's Los Pollos Hermanos from the hit show on AMC.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Manhole explodes on street in Dublin, Ireland (Video)

Brian Crowley in Dublin caught this strange footage of greenish brown, smelly smoke coming from a manhole on a busy street in Dublin, Ireland.  After he first noticed the smoke, he decided to film footage with his phone, moments later came the explosion.

CCTV Footage of Granny chasing robber with a mop (Video)

A 58 year old Granny that was on vacation in Orlando was robbed of $200 dollars when a man came in to Our Lady Queen of Peace social club and stole the money out of her purse and ran.  Watch as CCTV footage captures her chasing after the thief with a mop.