Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Novavax Respiratory Ailment Vaccine for Women Shows Positive Top-Line Results

Novavax, Inc. today announced positive top-line safety and immunogenicity data from its RSV-F protein nanoparticle vaccine candidate in a Phase 2 clinical trial in women of childbearing age. 

The vaccine candidate was well-tolerated with no vaccine-related serious adverse events. It had the Highest immune responses observed with a single dose of vaccine combined with aluminum phosphate adjuvant.  Women with the lowest baseline levels of RSV neutralizing antibodies had the largest increases following immunization, consistent with prior data.  Palivizumab-like antibodies exceeded levels observed in previous trials.   High levels of antibodies developed within 14 days after immunization and persisted over the 91-day observation period.   Here is the article on Novavax's website.