Friday, July 18, 2014

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables (Video)

Have you ever went to a grocery store and wondered why they never have ugly produce on the shelves for maybe a fraction of the price.  All produce doesn't grow pretty.  The stores only want to sell the most beautiful.  A company called Intermarché recently launched a campaign called "the Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables."  This is such a great idea!  All supermarkets should do this. 

  Intermarché has just launched a film, print, poster and radio campaign, celebrating the beauty of ugly fruits and veggies.  Ugly produce such as the Grotesque Apple, the Ridiculous Potato, the Hideous Orange, the Failed Lemon, the Disfigured Eggplant, the Ugly Carrot, and the Unfortunate Clementine now get a chance. Now you can eat five a day inglorious fruits and vegetables. As good, but 30% cheaper. The inglorious Fruits and Vegetables, a glorious fight against food waste.